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The year is coming towards the end and that means time for a recap.

London, our new home

Most of you know that we moved to London almost 4 months ago to open up The Pop Up Agency headquarters. Prior to that, most of our attention has been on the tour we did, but boy did a lot of new things happen during these past months.


Business model

First and foremost, we’ve stayed loyal to our core idea and continued with our 48h Pop Up’s which we have done three of since the move. Unfortunately, we can’t yet reveal who the clients were, but they’ve been from Sweden, Holland and the UK so our global focus is still very strong.

Implementation of ideas

The largest difference between the tour and now, is that we are able to be a part of the actual implementation of our ideas. Something a lot of the clients also requested before we settled in London. Back then however, we were only able to offer the 48hs mainly because we were also full time students. Now, it feels great to be able to realise the ideas and be a part of that journey too.

And, more projects

So although the 48h Pop Ups are our core business, we are also tapping into other areas. Naturally, we need to be able to deliver what the clients want, but everything we do, comes from a natural interest of testing what works and what’s needed in the industry. With that said, let me introduce you to two of our new projects:


Pop Up Academy

Two months ago, we opened The Pop Up Academy – something we are really excited about. Since we started, we have had classes in Amsterdam, London, Sevilla and Valencia. The Academy is our way of being ‘open source’ and sharing our methodologies and ways of working. It gives a unique insight into how we see the industry and how you can disrupt it by challenging the traditional ways of working. It is still in an early stage and we keep developing the content, but we have some really interesting classes planned for next year and can’t wait to see the outcome.

 We Pop Up Documentary

Last but definitely not least, we just got funded on kickstarter!! The idea behind the We Pop Up Documentary is to give a closer look into The Pop Up Agency: how it started, how everything was possible, our failures, successes and learnings. The documentary, directed by Jean-Marc Joseph, will be finished in March and we have planned for screenings in several countries. We will keep you updated during our process, but check out the site in the meantime:

All in all, it’s been 4 dope months for The Pop Up family. We’re blessed.

A lot is coming up for the next year and we’re excited to already now announce that we will be working in the following cities all within the first couple of months of 2014: Amsterdam, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Madrid and Washington D.C.

Let us know if you want to link up.

Until next time,

Much love from Abraham & the rest of The Pop Up family (@wepopup)

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